Steffi Jöris

Steffi Jöris (*1987, Geldrop NL) graduated in contemporary dance at the Fontys Dance Academy (NL) in 2009. Among other projects, she worked as a dancer & performer with Meekers (NL), United-c (NL), So you think you can dance (USA), Erik Kaiel (NL), Jasper van Luijk (NL), Dirty feet dance company (UK), Salim Gauwloos (AT), Het Paleis (BE), makemake produktionen (AT) and Kopergietery (BE). For three years, Steffi Jöris was employed as a dancer with the Company De Dansers (NL). During this time she performed with a large number of children and youth performances in Europe. This was followed by an engagement with Dschungel Wien. Here she worked for three seasons as a dancer, performer and choreographer on various projects including her own piece „Ich gegen mich”, and toured with several productions worldwide at theatre and dance festivals, amongst others, Klikkerfestival (HRV), CAPE Ettelbruck (LUX), LOOSTIK Festival (FRA), Tweetakt (NL), Szene Bunte Wähne, Festival (AT), Children’s Arts Festival (TWN), Le Rue des Enfants (FRA) und Schäxpir Festival (AT). She was granted the STELLA14 – Prize for Performing Art as “outstanding performer”. As a choreographer she has worked with Die Heidie (AT), Hand.Werk.Kunst.e.V. – Turnation (DE), Schauspielschule Krauss (AT), TAO Graz (AT), Mezzanintheater Graz (AT), Kristallwerk Graz (AT) and Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus Junges Schauspiel (DE) among other projects. In 2015 Steffi Jöris co-founded „Körperverstand. Tanztheater Wien (AT)“ together with Anna-Luise Braune. Her first piece „KörperVerstand“ premiered in 2017. The same year her second piece „BrainGame„, a collaboration with Moritz Lembert, premiered and was later nominated for the STELLA18 – Prize for Performing Arts. In 2019 her third work „NoExcuse!“ was released and awarded the STELLA19 – Prize for Performing Arts as Best 2019 Performance for Young Audience. In 2021 her fourth piece I-object came out in collaboration with the Belgian choreographer Charlotte Goesaert. Steffi Jöris lives and works in Vienna.