© Joseph Krpelan I-OBJECTYou don’t need to want me. DANCE THEATRE 60 MIN AGES 14+ DEBUT PERFORMANCE 2021 DSCHUNGEL WIEN TOUR BEL & NLD Girls who wear short skirts want to pick up guys and guys only want that one thing. Girls wearing makeup have issues. Boys have muscles and girls have problems, though crying is [...]

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© Franzi Kreis NOEXCUSE!Awarded the STELLA19-Performing.Art.Prize as the best piece for teenagers in Austria DANCE THEATRE 60 MIN AGES 13+ DEBUT PERFORMANCE 2019 DSCHUNGEL WIEN A race called life Do you have friends? Or are you often alone? Do you have enough pocket money? Or does your family just manage to get by? Are your [...]

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© Franzi Kreis BRAINGAMEA game that we all play - the question is: at what price. DANCE THEATRE 60 MIN AGES 14+ DEBUT PERFORMANCE 2017 DSCHUNGEL WIEN During our childhood, we perceive the world unfiltered: we experience the moment as it happens. In the course of our lives, more and more voices are influencing us: [...]

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© Bianca Traxler KÖRPERVERSTANDEmotion or reason? A dance performance examining the difference. DANCE THEATRE 65 MIN AGES 14+ DEBUT PERFORMANCE 2017 DSCHUNGEL WIEN Sometimes I face a decision like a crossroad: Do I do what seems right or what seems responsible? Reason - what exactly is this rational voice in my head? Where does it [...]

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Ich gegen mich

© Ani Antonova ICH GEGEN MICHNot a child anymore and not yet a grown-up – a bold and direct dance performance about those years called adolescence DANCE THEATRE 50 MIN AGES 12+ DEBUT PERFORMANCE 2014 DSCHUNGEL WIEN With pain but also with tremendous joy I realise that my childhood is over. I’m not a child [...]

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